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Handy Tips on Moving Offices

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Handy Tips on Moving Offices

Moving to a new office? A couple of days before moving date, you must have already packed all the files, equipment, and other office paraphernalia as well as personal items in individually labeled and properly sealed boxes. If you are a department head, you must issued reminders already to employees. Has every personal computer, water dispense, and facsimile machine been disconnected? Has certain equipment like photocopiers been drained of liquids? Has each chair been properly labeled? Have spare keys for the rooms in the new office been duplicated? If you answered a resounding yes to each of these, then you are halfway there.

On the actual day of moving offices, movers should be informed of the exact location of each box and piece of furniture. If moving of materials is by batch or department, those left behind in the old office premises must ensure that there are no loose items left on the floor and/or on top of furniture. All security files must have been locked already. Do a final check of every room, closet and cabinet before deciding and signaling to movers that everything has been loaded.

On the actual day of moving to the new office, hired labor or utility personnel must be personally supervised. Each employee, at the end of the day is held responsible for the way materials and equipment have been packed, loaded, unpacked and placed where they must be placed. Make sure also that everything has been transported and arrived safely.

Take the opportunity of moving to your new office as the opportune moment to clean up and discard clutter and extraneous equipment. In the end, it will be gleaned that advance planning, teamwork and cooperation, plus clear communication are all vital in moving to a new office.


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