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Office moving

Tips on getting the office ready to move.

As employees, some things are beyond our control, like moving to a new office location. For people who like sticking to the status quo and do not readily welcome change, moving to a new office can bring incalculable sighs and grumbles. There are many things that must be done prior to moving to a new office location. Whether the new location is just across the street or miles away, there are some handy tips that you, as a complying employee, can take into consideration to ensure a smooth transition with minimal or no losses and/or injuries./

First and foremost will be to have a mental picture of how you will be compiling inventories, packing office furniture, and attending to a thousand and one miscellaneous details. A company’s human resources department helps out by issuing some reminders through an internal memorandum and supplying each department with a copy of the new building’s plan. Transfer of telephone units, lighting fixtures, chairs, cabinets, and office machines must also be properly arranged.

On the actual day of moving to the new office, hired labor or utility personnel must be personally supervised. Each employee, at the end of the day is held responsible for the way materials and equipment have been packed, loaded, unpacked and placed where they must be placed. Make sure also that everything has been transported and arrived safely.

For a headache-free transfer, drawing up a moving checklist of your own will greatly help. The new office space must also be checked out months before the move, to ascertain whether it is toxin-free and also to determine if existing office furniture will fit in, or if new ones need to be ordered. A team leader for every department may be assigned to remind staff members to properly list, pack, visibly label and number each box that will contain files, office equipment, and other office-related materials. The team leader may also ensure that movers are aware which area of the new building the packed things must be transported to. Last but not the least, utility companies clients, suppliers, and stakeholders must be informed about the new address.

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