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International Container Shipping from Canada & USA to Europe, Africa, UK, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Russia


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International Ocean Freight Shipping


There are standard sizes – 20 ft. containers and 40 ft. containers when transporting goods across the sea.
However, all this is a very individual process, and we, as the best international shipping company, will choose the best option for you.

Now the most important thing is to determine the size of the cargo. It is possible that carrying your household items and your shipment will be 1000 cub. ft., but it's worth downloading two cars, and the situation will fundamentally change. At us, on a site, there is a unique calculator for calculating your moving volume. So please take advantage of it and get the best offer today.


International Air Freight.


It is one of the most resource-consuming types of transportation of containers. However, there are situations when it is just necessary to meet specific time limits. If you need to deliver the goods quickly - this is the best way for you.


Advantages of international container transportation:


  • Cost-effective. Shipping in a container for long distances is cheaper than automobile transportation.
  • Security. The container protects the cargo from precipitation, spoilage, unauthorized opening and is locked with a locking and sealing device (ZPU) in the customer's presence.
  • Large cargo. Dimensions of the shipment are limited only by the dimensions of the container. For loads whose sizes exceed the dimensions of the box, we offer open platforms and open wagons.
  • Anywhere. The cargo can be delivered to areas with no direct message due to the possibility of combining different transport (car, railway, sea freight).

Specialists of our company will develop the optimal route for container transportation of your shipment and will advise you on all arising questions on the phone: +1 (416) 520 3575


Cost of international transportation of containers.


The cost of each container shipping is calculated by specialists individually.

To calculate the cost, you need to know your cargo volume to choose the container for transportation. For self-calculation, we recommend you use our online calculator: 


moving calc2


Our main international container transportation from Canada and the USA to:















    Saudi Arabia



    Hong Kong






    New Zealand

    South Korea








The main types of international transport


Vehicle shipping:


  • International shipping
  • Motorcycle shipping (Harley Davidson shipping, Indian shipping, Classic moto shipping)
  • Classic car shipping(Classic shipping, Travel Insurance)


Moving service:


  • Household Goods Moving
  • Trade Moving Services
  • Household Goods Import(Groupage Tariffs, FCL Tariffs, Baggage Tariffs, Destination Tariffs Terms, Ocean Import Tracking.)
  • Oversized Cargo.
  • International Container Shipping from Canada & USA

    Delivering containers overseas at the international level is extremely difficult and expensive. To date, not many companies provide container shipping services, for example, from Canada to the USA, from Canada to the UK, from Canada to Europe, from the USA to the UK and Europe, etc. Transportation in containers of cars, overseas goods, motorcycles, and household goods is one of the main directions of our company EASY MOVING. For 21 years, we have been engaged in international container shipping and sea shipping to anywhere in the world. Our task is to help people to deliver their cargo efficiently and at ease. The main office of our company is based in Toronto, Ontario. We also have various branches all over the US: Miami, Chicago, Boston and New York. So we can deliver your shipment from anywhere in the US and Canada to anywhere in the world at the most affordable prices. The market is highly volatile, and today the most common transportation of containers is vehicles and household items.
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    Why do customers choose us?

    Huge experience in container shipments
    Our company has been shipping containers from Canada for more than 20 years. In 2001 we shipped the first container and since then we continue to ship containers by sea all over the world. Having shipped more than 300 containers, we can safely call ourselves one of the best container shippers in Toronto.
    High-quality standards
    All our logisticians are constantly improving their skills. We send our employees for training every six months. Our mission is to continue to provide high-quality relocation services and remain the #1 container shipping in Toronto.
    An honest and fair price for your shipment
    You know exactly how much you will have to pay. We will never throw you unpleasant surprises in the form of additional expenses. So you know in advance about your costs and have an accurate estimate of the future shipment.
    Support at all stages of the move
    You can contact our managers any time convenient for you: by phone, via WhatsApp messenger or by email. We will answer all your questions and suggestions.
    Full shippment services in one place
    We will provide a complete shipment service from dock to dock. We also provide the service of delivering your items to the container. We will pick up your things ourselves and deliver them to the loading container. We will put all your things in a container and arrange the shipment. Using our shipping service, you get a 100% guarantee on all your items.
    The ability to store your belongings for up to 1 month for free
    Our company has a vast clean, and secure warehouse. If you need to store your things, we will deliver them to our warehouse and keep them for up to 1 month free of charge. We will return from our warehouse to your new address at any time.
    Flexible dates
    You can book a date and time convenient for you. We will check our schedule and find the right time for you. Our movers will come to you on the appointed day and do all the work.
    The speed of work
    We understand that everyone values their time. That is why we try to do our job as quickly as possible without violating quality standards. We never drag out time. We work as fast as we can to be careful simultaneously.

    Our Credentials

    We pride ourselves in our reputation, teamwork and ability to overcome day-to-day challenges together.

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    What Our Clients Say About Us

    Shipping Containers from Canada has Never Been so Easy.

    Shipping containers is our job. We are proud to be able to help people send things anywhere in the world.

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    With more than 20 years of experience in container shipping, we have helped more than 400 people transport their belongings, cars, motorcycles and boats to more than 40 countries. By ordering transportation with Easy Moving, you get all the services in one place. From moving your belongings to the container, to full packaging, insurance and shipping.


    The most common service delivery using our container services:

    • Motorcycle shipping
    • Boat & Yacht Transport
    • International car shipping
    • Air Freight shipping
    • Sea shipping containers (most affordable)

    First, it is necessary to learn several terms, more precisely two: LTL (less container load) and FCL (full container load).

    In themselves, the concepts are straightforward – LTL is not a full container. In addition to your load, another cargo of a passing direction is loaded to occupy unused space. It is beneficial when you transport a small apartment and do not want to overpay for all remaining volume.

    FCL, on the contrary – assumes the fullness of the container when carrying large-sized cargo.

    The cargo can be sent from any place in the US and Canada. The main departure points are Toronto (Canada) and New York (USA). We will deliver your shipment from any locality to the main point of departure (delivery is carried out to the destination country's port. To deliver the goods to your address, you need to contact local moving companies).

    * If desired, the customer can provide his cargo to the point of shipment in Canada or the USA or order delivery.

    The container con range from $2000 to $1000 for 20 ft. and $300 to $12000 for a 40 ft. Distance, type of transport, and volume will affect the final shipping cost. Extra costs include door-to-door delivery, packing and unloading, and insurance. If you want to save money, read more about LTL and FCL

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