Moving from Toronto to Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa and other cities of Arizona

EASY MOVING Toronto has been providing high-quality moving services from Toronto, ON to Arizona, USA for over 20 years. For more than 20 years of experience, we have managed to prove to customers that we are the best international movers between Toronto and Arizona.


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Why do people move from Ontario to Arizona?


There are many reasons why people might choose to move from Ontario to Arizona. Perhaps they are looking for a warmer climate or want to be closer to family or friends. Arizona is a popular destination for retirees, thanks to its abundance of golf courses and sunny weather. Arizona has plenty of job opportunities, especially in the tech and construction industries.

People moving to Arizona from Toronto will find that the cost of living is much lower than in Canada. Housing is especially affordable, and many great communities can choose from it. Arizona is also home to some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the United States, from the Grand Canyon to the Sonoran Desert.

Whatever the reason for moving, people will find that Arizona is a great place to call home.


Pros and Cons of Living in Arizona


-Arizona is a great place to live if you enjoy warm weather year-round.

-The cost of living in Arizona is relatively low compared to other states.

-There are plenty of things to do in Arizona, from hiking and camping in the mountains to swimming and sunbathing at the beach.

-Arizona is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the country, including the Grand Canyon.


-The summer months can be scorching and humid in Arizona.

-The winters in Arizona can be pretty cold.

-Some areas of Arizona are pretty rural and isolated.


Best Locations for Moving from Toronto to Arizona


1. Phoenix

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona and the most populous city in the state. It is a central metropolitan area with a population of over 1.5 million people. Phoenix is a great place to live, with plenty of things to do. It has a warm climate with plenty of sunshine year-round.


2. Tucson

Tucson is the second most populous city in Arizona and is the largest city in the southern part of the state. It is a great place to live, with a mild climate and plenty of things to do. In addition, Tucson is home to the University of Arizona, one of the country's largest universities.


3. Flagstaff

Flagstaff is a northern Arizona city home to Northern Arizona University. It is a great place to live, with a cool climate and plenty of things to do. Flagstaff is in the mountains and has a great view of the surrounding area.


4. Yuma

Yuma is a southwestern Arizona city located on the Colorado River. It is a great place to live with a warm climate and plenty of things to do. Yuma is a popular destination for winter visitors because of its warm weather.


Reasons to Hire a Moving Company to Move from Toronto to Arizona


1. You'll save time.

Packing all your belongings, loading them into a moving truck, and driving to your new home will take weeks. However, a moving company can do that in just a few days.

2. You'll save money.

Hiring a moving company is cheaper than renting a truck and doing the move yourself.

3. You'll avoid injury.

Moving heavy boxes and furniture can be dangerous. A moving company has the experience and equipment to move your belongings safely.

4. You'll avoid stress.

The process of moving can be very stressful. However, a moving company will take care of all the details, so you can relax and focus on your new home.

5. You'll have peace of mind.

Your belongings will be insured against damage or loss during the move.


How Much Does it Cost to Move from Toronto to Arizona?


The cost of moving from Toronto to Arizona will vary depending on the size of your move, the distance of your move and the services you need.

However, on average, the cost of moving from Toronto to Arizona will be about $ 2,000 - $5,000. This price includes the costs of hiring a moving company, packaging supplies and transportation costs. In addition, if you need to rent a storage room to store your belongings during transportation, this will increase the total cost of your move.

EASY MOVING Toronto provides storage space completely free of charge for all our customers


Why Customers Choose EASY MOVING for Relocation to Arizona?


Huge experience in moving
Our company has been engaged in moving since 2001. We have moved more than 1,000 houses, apartments and offices. With more than 20 years of experience, we are rightfully one of the best movers.
High-quality standards
All our movers and drivers undergo weekly training and testing by the highest quality standards.
Our mission is to continue to provide high-quality relocation services and remain the #1 movers.
An honest and fair price for your move
You know exactly how much you will have to pay. We will never throw you unpleasant surprises
in the form of additional expenses. So you know
in advance about your costs and have an accurate estimate of the future move.
Support at all stages of the move
You can contact our managers any time convenient for you: by phone, via WhatsApp messenger
or by email. We will answer all your questions
and suggestions.
Full moving services in one place
We will provide a complete moving service from door to door. However, suppose you need packaging, assembly and disassembly assistance. In that case, our specialists will take with them all the necessary packaging materials, carefully pack all your things, and disassemble and assemble them in a new place. Using our packaging service, you get a 100% guarantee on all your items.
The ability to store your belongings
for up to 1 month for free
Our company has a vast clean, and secure warehouse. If you need to store your things, we will deliver them to our warehouse and keep them for up to 1 month free of charge. We will return from our warehouse to your new address at any time.
Flexible dates
You can book a date and time convenient for you. We will check our schedule and find the right time for you. Our movers will come to you on the appointed day and do all the work.
The speed of work
We understand that everyone values their time. That is why we try to do our job as quickly
as possible without violating quality standards.
We never drag out time. We work as fast as we can to be careful simultaneously.
We provide all types of moving
Our team offers all types of relocations: from tiny homes and offices to moving large companies and houses over long distances.


We are helping to move to other cities in Arizona:


  • Phoenix
  • Tucson
  • Mesa
  • Chandler
  • Gilbert
  • Glendale
  • Scottsdale
  • Peoria
  • Tempe
  • Surprise
  • San Tan Valley
  • Goodyear
  • Buckeye
  • Yuma
  • Avondale
  • Flagstaff
  • Casas Adobes
  • Queen Creek
  • Maricopa
  • Lake Havasu City
  • Casa Grande
  • Marana
  • Catalina Foothills


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Approximate price when moving from Arizona to Toronto:

1 bedroom apartment - $1000 - $2000

2 bedroom apartment - $3000 - $4000

2 bedroom house - $4000 - $6000

Our prices for moving between Arizona and Toronto start from $499!

Approximate price when moving from Toronto to Arizona will be the same:

1 bedroom apartment - $1000 - $2000

2 bedroom apartment - $3000 - $4000

2 bedroom house - $4000 - $6000

Our prices for moving between Toronto and Arizona start from $499!

If you are moving from Arizona to Toronto you need:

1. Passport, 2. Declare your stuff on arriving in Canada in the coast customs office.(You can do it at the airport upon arriving in Canada.),

3. Two forms and get them stumped.

Also, the customs office should give you a receipt with 0.00 balance (tax paid).

We will help you step by step if you choose our company for your moving from Arizona to Toronto.

If you are moving from Toronto to Arizona you need to have:

1. Passport, 2. Visa or Green Card (if you are not a US resident), 3. The completed customs form 3299.

We will help you step by step if you choose our company for your moving from Toronto to Arizona.

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