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Mini-moves are different in the sense that they are smaller in quantity and faster in expedition. Booking a mini-move with Easy Moving will get that online purchase you picked up at the store delivered right to your door. Your small move will be treated with just as much respect and professionalism our teams love it all. We do mini-moves in the GTA at affordable prices.


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Small moves with Easy Moving Team


If you only need to move a few items, the best choice for you is to hire our team. Small transportation differs from the usual moving in that when transporting one or more items, and it takes much less time to organize the move.

By ordering our small moving service, you can be sure that the goods you bought will be delivered to your door directly from the store. Using our services for a small move will allow you to save on delivery. We specialize in small local, long distance, interstate, across country, and international moving from/to Toronto.

Small moves are a new service provided by Easy Moving. It has been added on due to its great demand in the industry. Nonetheless our movers and packers treat any size of a move with the same care. We will offer you the best quality of a small move with the most attractive prices.

Last minute movers


It often happens that you need to order the services of movers at the very last moment. It happens that the search for movers with short notice causes a lot of problems given the employment of such companies.
Our last-minute mover service will come to your rescue! There may be many reasons you did not have time to order movers in advance.

But what difference does it make for the cause if it has already happened? That is why we are ready to come to your aid anytime. So let our guys rush to you as fast as possible and help you with your future move.


Delivery of furniture and electronics on the same day


You can be calm when delivering furniture and electronics from the store to your home. Of course, each store offers its delivery, but it is usually more expensive since many stores hire moving companies for delivery. In the case of working with us, you pay for our services directly, without intermediaries in the person of store managers.

Furniture delivery with Easy Moving is designed for everyone who values their time, money and peace of mind. No matter where you need to deliver the goods, we will help you with delivery from anywhere in Canada and the USA. Entrust your little move to a team with more than 20 years of moving experience, and feel how easy it can be.



Small Moving Toronto

About small moves from Easy Moving:

Easy Moving is a friendly company of professional movers that has been providing relocation services, including small moving services, since 2001. We provide the best quality for a relatively low fee. We have optimized our work so that you have the opportunity to pay less. More customers mean more trust. Here is the main principle of our company's work. We promise to provide you with both physical and moral assistance because we help you cope with every step of your move. Choosing the service of a small move with us, you get a free and fair assessment within 10 minutes! Contact us today to estimate your movement on a single item.
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Why do customers choose us?

Quick response
Our team tries to respond within 10 minutes to everyone who needs a moving service.
Fast Free estimate
We will evaluate your future move based on photos for free or send our professional appraiser to you.
The most reasonable prices
We have optimized our business to give the most favourable prices. To do this, we had to increase the turnover of orders, and therefore we can lower costs than other moving companies.
Support at all stages of the move
You can contact our managers any time convenient for you: by phone, via WhatsApp messenger or by email. We will answer all your questions and suggestions.
Moving on the same day
Small moving is a same-day delivery service for one or more your household or office items. We have allocated several trucks specifically for rapid response.
The speed of work
We understand that everyone values their time. That is why we try to do our job as quickly as possible without violating quality standards. We never drag out time. We work as fast as we can to be careful simultaneously.

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We pride ourselves in our reputation, teamwork and ability to overcome day-to-day challenges together.

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Movers with short notice

Do you need reliable movers to transport several items in a short time? Easy Moving is here to help you. We will arrive at the place on the same day, take all the necessary equipment with us and make your move smooth and stress-free. Order an estimate for free right now.

Experience the Difference With the Best Small Moviers in Toronto

We pride ourselves on being among the best single item moving companies in Toronto and the surrounding areas.

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