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Pool Table movers in Toronto and area.

Pool Table movers Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Hamilton, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, North York, Milton, Oakville.

Moving a pool table is a tough task, even for experienced movers in Toronto. Not to mention untrained people. The thing is that just drag the pool table without prior disassembly You will not work.

Pool table movers TorontoWhat to do in a situation where it is necessary to transport a pool table in Toronto?
The best solution for you is to contact a professional moving company Trans Moving Toronto.

We moving pool tables for more than 5 years, and have no difficulties. We will transport your pool table easily and carefree.

For transportation of a billiard(pool) table in Toronto, it is very important to follow the steps necessary for the careful movement of the pool table:

1) Assessment and planning of future displacement.

After receipt of the application, we will know all the details of the upcoming order, taking into account the size and weight of the pool, in almost all cases, send (free of charge) the appraiser, so that he made a plan, estimate, picked up the car, the required number of movers, packaging materials, etc.

2) Disassembly/disassembly and careful packing of the Pool table.

If provided by the design, carry out disassembly of the table on the constituent elements, then perform the packaging of all components, pay special attention to the playing field and the details of the sides, Packed in high-strength packaging materials to protect the maximum when moving and transporting.

3) Loading, delivery and unloading

We take out the table from the room and carry out loading into the car, using the rigging belts, in some cases, when loading into transport, we use equipment with a hydroport, in the body of the car a delicate cargo, securely fix, fixing mechanisms. Unloading and skidding are carried out similarly.

4) unpacking, Assembly(installation), installation

Unpack all components of the fragments and begin a phased instalation, perform the installation. If it was provided by the contract, we carry out a stretch of a new cloth, we carry out adjustment of all design. You accept our work and you pay by the payment method convenient to You.

In order to know the price, please complete the contact form right, putting in the comments the model of your pool table.

If you have any questions, please call +1(416) 520-3575 and our managers will be happy to answer you.

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