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International moving between Canada and the US is an impossible task for ordinary people. Don't experiment, but hire professional international movers from Easy Moving and enjoy moving without stress.


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Need to move from Canada to the US? Or from the US to Canada?


Our Toronto movers will be happy to help you with your future move. Our trucks are sent one time a week from Toronto to New York, Washington, Miami, Chicago, Boston and back. And two times a month from Toronto to Los Angeles and back.

Our cross-country movers provide you with the most convenient, stress-free, safe and professional moving experience.

The first step in planning your move would be obtaining an estimate from several companies. We base our estimation on your move's size and later calculate the distance from the point of origin to the destination (e.g. two-bedroom apartment from Toronto to New York). Moving within North America is our specialty.

From ensuring you have the correct documents needed for your move (whether you are moving from the US to Canada or from Canada to the US) to supplying the precise packing materials and labour required for loading and unloading. Easy Moving will make your moving experience a positive, joyful thing from safe driving and arriving at your destination. *All international transportation quotes provided in US currency


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Cross Border moving Canada to the USA.


For more than 20 years, our company has been assisting people with moving to Canada, and for more than ten years, we have crossed from Canada to the USA. Our office is based in Toronto but through the years we were able to build connections and relationships all over the United States. We have highly skilled workers, beginning with logistics personnel and finishing with loaders.

Our cross-border movers care about your move, and even before moving, we discuss all the details and procedures with you so that all your questions and concerns are answered. This is why choosing your future cross-border company wisely is very important.

When it comes down to the moving process, certain documents need to be presented and filled out, whether you are moving from the US to Canada or vice versa. Our managing team will explain what is required and will guide you through the process of filling them out, ensuring there will not be any complications during the moving process.

As mentioned earlier, moving within North America is our specialty; therefore, we regularly perform moving operations from Toronto to New York, or Toronto to Miami and many other states and provinces, as well as moving from Vancouver to the United States and back That is why trusting your long-distance move to us means trusting your moving to professionals. We will ensure we provide you with the best price, best service and a special welcome into your new home.


Moving from Canada to the USA and moving from the USA to Canada is best done with us.


The vast majority of local and cross-border companies in the United States do not link to the border crossing independently. Instead, they act as an intermediary. They carry your cargo from anywhere in the USA to the border and conclude contracts with companies that undertake the process of crossing the border itself. So you end up paying more, and also you end up dealing with an intermediary company.

How much does it cost to move your goods across the border? To know exactly how much to pay a company for delivering your possessions, you usually need to weigh your things and only then, you will find out the exact cost.

When you ask for a price, you will get a rough estimate, which will differ from what you will end up paying. Let's take a closer look at how much does it usually cost to hire a cross-country moving company?


Let's take it all in order:


  1. You ask for the price from a company to move 1-2-3 room apartments in the direction you need.
  2. Depending on the average weight of your things, you receive the answer in this company's opinion.
  3. You then compare the prices and reviews of different companies and choose the best for yourself.
  4. A contract for the distant relocation of your belongings is created.
  5. Upon arrival, the removal company loads your things and weighs them.
  6. Voila! The price is $ 500-1000 more.
  7. Since you have already got so far, you pay the extra to continue with the process.


Our main trips to the USA:



 Our main trips from the USA:




Easy Moving provides moving services in the following directions:



international movers between canada & USA

Feel the difference with the best International in Toronto

We started doing International moving in Canada in 2001. At first, we had only 2 trucks and 1 trip per month. Today, our car fleet has more than 10 trucks, which allows us to make long-distance trips from Toronto to all destinations in the USA. Every week we make trips to 2 destinations: 1. Towards Maine, passing all major cities along the way. 2. Towards California, also passing all major cities. The careful and accurate grouping of our customers' cargo, allows us to make prices several times cheaper than those of competitors. Try our company for your move to anywhere in the USA, and we assure you - you will be satisfied.
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Why do customers choose our International Movers?

Huge experience in international moving
Our company has been engaged in moving between the USA and Canada since 2001. We have moved more than 1,000 houses, apartments and offices to/from the USA. With more than 20 years of experience, we are rightfully one of the best international movers in Toronto.
High-quality standards
All our movers and drivers undergo weekly training and testing by the highest quality standards. Our mission is to continue to provide high-quality relocation services between Canada and the USA..
An honest and fair price for your international move
You know exactly how much you will have to pay. We will never throw you unpleasant surprises in the form of additional expenses. So you know in advance about your costs and have an accurate estimate of the future move.
Support at all stages of the move
You can contact our managers any time convenient for you: by phone, via WhatsApp messenger or by email. We will answer all your questions and suggestions.
Full moving services in one place
We will provide a complete moving service from door to door. However, suppose you need packaging, assembly and disassembly assistance. In that case, our specialists will take with them all the necessary packaging materials, carefully pack all your things, and disassemble and assemble them in a new place. Using our packaging service, you get a 100% guarantee on all your items.
The ability to store your belongings for up to 1 month for free
Our company has a vast clean, and secure warehouse. If you need to store your things, we will deliver them to our warehouse and keep them for up to 1 month free of charge. We will return from our warehouse to your new address at any time.
Flexible dates
You can book a date and time convenient for you. We will check our schedule and find the right time for you. Our movers will come to you on the appointed day and do all the work.
The speed of work
We understand that everyone values their time. That is why we try to do our job as quickly as possible without violating quality standards. We never drag out time. We work as fast as we can to be careful simultaneously.
We provide all types of moving
Our team offers all types of relocations: from tiny homes and offices to moving large companies and houses over long distances.

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We pride ourselves in our reputation, teamwork and ability to overcome day-to-day challenges together.

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Experience a Stress-Free Move with Our International Movers

We pride ourselves on being among the best international moving companies between the USA and Canada.

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Entrust your international move to the best movers

With more than 20 years of experience in international moving, we help with moving of any size from Canada to the USA. Weekly trips to the USA and back allowed your drivers to build optimal routes and explore the whole of the USA inside and out. By ordering relocation services from Easy Moving, you get a move to anywhere in the USA for a fair price.


If you are moving from the USA to Canada you need:

1. Passport, 2. Declare your stuff on arriving in Canada in the coast customs office. (You can do it at the airport upon arriving in Canada.),

3. Two forms and get them stumped.

Also, the customs office should give you a receipt with a 0.00 balance (tax paid).

We will help you step by step if you choose our company for your moving from USA to Canada.

If you are moving from Canada to the USA you need to have:

1. Passport, 2. Visa or Green Card (if you are not a US resident), 3. The completed customs form 3299.

We will help you step by step if you choose our company for your move from Canada to the USA.

It is impossible to accurately answer the question about the average cost without having accurate data, such as the destination point, the number of items, and so on. Moving a 1-room apartment from Toronto to New York will cost you $1500.00, while the same move to Los Angeles will already cost $3500.00. It should also be borne in mind that it is much cheaper to move a small apartment than to move it.

It all depends on the workload of our trucks, as well as on the destination. For example, we deliver goods within 1-2 days to New York, Chicago, and Boston. It may take 7-14 days for the goods to be delivered to Los Angeles. In any case, at the planning stage, we inform you about the approximate dates.

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