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We are your reliable cross country movers. An international moving company facilitating moves from Canada to the USA and from the USA to Canada.

An international moving company.

Are you located in Canada, Toronto, US, New York, Chicago, Florida, Miami, Texas or any other State, and thinking about moving to anywhere in Canada, the US or back?

Our cross country movers provide you with the most convenient, stress-free, safe and professional moving experience. Before finalizing any bookings, you need to plan your long-distance move.

So the first step in the process would be obtaining an estimate. We base our estimation on the size of your move and later calculate the distance from the point of origin to the destination (e.g 2 bedroom apartment from Toronto to New York). Moving within North America is our specialty.

From ensuring you have the right documents needed for your move (whether you are moving from the US to Canada or from Canada to the US) to supplying the precise packing materials and labour needed for loading, safe driving and arriving at your destination; Trans Moving will make your moving experience a positive, joyful thing. Also our long-distance movers Toronto offers long-distance travel in Canada: Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Сalgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal/Ottawa. 

Cross Border moving Canada to the USA

For more than 17 years our company has been assisting people moving to Canada and for more than 10 years we have crossed from Canada to the USA. Our office is based in Toronto. We have highly skilled workers, beginning with logistics personnel and finishing with loaders. Many people completing a move frequently experience multiple problems because of the lack of experience of moving company employees.

Our cross border movers care about your move, and even before moving, we discuss all the details and procedures with you so that you do not have a headache in the process of moving your things. Choose your future cross-border company correctly.

When it comes down to the moving process, whether you are moving from the US to Canada or vice versa, there are certain documents that need to be presented and filled out; our managing team will explain what is needed, and will guide you through the process of filling them out, ensuring there will not be any complications during the moving procedure.

As mentioned earlier, moving within North America is our specialty; therefore we regularly perform moving operations from Toronto to New York, Toronto to Miami and many other states and provinces. That is why trusting your long-distance move to us means trusting your moving to professionals and we will ensure we provide you with the best price, best service and a positive welcome into your new home.

Moving from Canada to the USA and moving from the USA to Canada is best done with us.

The vast majority of local and cross-border companies in the United States do not link to the border crossing independently. They act as an intermediary. They carry your cargo from anywhere in America to the border with Canada and conclude contracts with companies that undertake the process of crossing the border itself. You end up paying more and also you end up dealing with an intermediary company.

We have a dozen companies in New York with whom we cooperate in this direction. Is it not easier to immediately choose a company that works without intermediaries? We are the best cross-border company for moving across Canada.

How much does it cost to move the goods across the border? In order to know exactly how much to pay a company for moving the possessions you usually need to weigh your things and only after that, you will find out the exact cost.

When you ask for a price, you are given something averaged out, which can be very different from what you actually end up paying. How much does it usually cost to hire a cross country moving companies?

Let's take it all in order:

  1. You ask the price for the company to move 1-2-3 room apartments in the direction you need.
  2. You receive the answer, depending on the average weight of your things, in the opinion of this company.
  3. You then compare the prices and reviews of different companies and choose the best for yourself.
  4. A contract for the distant relocation of your belongings is created.
  5. Upon arrival, the removal company load your things and weigh them.
  6. Voila! The price is $ 500-1000 more than the average you were given.
  7. Since you have already got so far you pay the extra so you can continue with the process.

What do our international movers offer you?

  • You write us the complete list of things that you need to transport.
  • You receive an EXACT evaluation of your move, even before we take your things.
  • We discuss with you all the terms of the future move.
  • We send you a contract for signing.
  • You sign and on the date, you indicate we come and collect your belongings for further movement.

What conclusion can be drawn?

If you are moving from Canada to the US or back, from the United States to Canada, make the right choice for your moving company. Look for a company that most accurately and without unnecessary hassle will make you're moving easy and carefree.

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