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Cross country moving company from Toronto to Chicago #1/ from Chicago to Toronto.


If your goal is moving to Chicago from Toronto-you're on the right page.

Trans Moving Toronto will be happy to help you. We've been assisting people in moving from Toronto to Chicago and from Chicago to Toronto for years. Our movers will make your move comfortable and relaxed, no matter in which direction you move.

Many years of experience in transportation between Toronto and Chicago allows us to avoid all the mistakes that young companies make.

Plan your move from Toronto to Chicago.

The first step in this process will be to obtain an assessment. We base our estimate on a complete list of your items and then calculate the distance from your departure point to your destination (e.g. a two-bedroom apartment from Toronto to Chicago).

Based on these data, we form the exact price for your move from Toronto to Chicago. You won't pay a cent too much. The final cost of the movement is known to you in advance.

Moving within from Toronto to/from Chicago and moving from Vancouver to/from Chicago is our specialty. We will help you with all the subtleties that arise. We will make sure that you have the correct documents required for your move (whether you are moving from Chicago to Toronto or from Toronto to Chicago).

When it comes to the relocation process, certain documents need to be submitted and filled out.

Our management team will explain what is needed and guide you through filling them out, ensuring that there will be no complications during the relocation procedure.

Trusting your long-distance moving with us, you believe the moving to professionals of the business.

We guarantee to give you the best price, best service and positive welcome in Your new home.

Packaging service.

We will pack all your things very carefully so that nothing happens to them during the movement.

We also offer you a full moving service for $89.00, which includes all packaging materials costs.

You can also buy our packaging materials at a discount at our company. If you do not want to order our full packing service, we suggest buying all the necessary materials for packing and doing it yourself.

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