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Piano movers Toronto and GTA. Best piano moving company Toronto

piano movers toronto

Piano movers Toronto(GTA). Moving your Piano, Concert Piano or Baby Grand Piano. Trust this project to Trans Moving - your Toronto piano moving company.

The best piano moving company Toronto just loves to brag about! If you’re looking for piano movers, Toronto based, then we are the company you are looking for. Moving your Piano, Concert Piano or Baby Grand Piano is a big concern and can turn the prospect of an otherwise exciting move into a worry.

These musical instruments are not only expensive and in need of careful handling but they are also of immense importance to those who have a connection to them.
We know your piano is important to you. Trust this project to Trans Moving - your Toronto piano moving company. We work 24/7 and we are incredibly customer-focused and professional!

Our piano moving company provide moving services in all cities GTA:

We are not just your regular piano movers, we are the piano movers Toronto is proud of! Our piano moving company provides the best price in the piano moving industry. Our piano movers provide moving services in all cities GTA: piano movers Toronto, piano movers Mississauga, piano movers Brampton, piano movers Hamilton, piano movers Vaughan, piano movers Milton, piano movers Richmond Hill, piano movers Markham, piano movers Barrie.

Pianos of a large size, a heavyweight, or a move involving additional stairs going up or down, requires a high level of professionalism and special moving skills from the company providing the piano movers. We have a professional piano movers crew, who are able to move upright pianos and baby grand pianos, they do it every day!

How much does it cost to move a piano locally in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton and any city in GTA?

Piano movers Toronto cost:

  • Upright piano: from $259.00 + 1month FREE storage!
  • Baby Grand Piano: from $299.00 +1month FREE storage!
  • Grand(Concert) Piano: from $399.00 + 1month FREE storage!

Piano moving has never been easier!

We take on the moving of a piano with all the care, attention and professionalism that you would expect and hope for from the ideal piano mover company. 

Our wealth of experience has produced many satisfied customers who will tell you that we are THE piano moving company for the Toronto area.  Don’t waste time deciding, just go with the best. We provide you with a 100% warranty, your piano is in good hands.

Our Toronto piano moving company has been serving the Toronto area and GTA for a long time, long enough to get our great reputation and loyal customer base. You can even arrange to order on the same day you wish to receive our services, we value your time! We have always been a company focused on customer service values and all the factors which are important to our customers!

Piano Movers Toronto - Great reputation!

All our professionalism and experience comes into play when dealing with your prized piano, we know what kind of inconveniences and problems crop up when moving or delivering a piano and we make sure everything goes smoothly. Why worry about moving your piano when you can go to the experts and make sure the move is seamless, stress-free and easy on you!

We are accomplished in general moves and house moves as well as piano moving. Therefore if, as is more than likely, you are moving your piano as part of a larger move then we understand this dynamic perfectly well. Maybe you are in the process of moving your home and facing all the upheaval and change that comes with the decision.

You are not just hiring a piano mover with us but a professional service with lots of experience helping people move. Whatever your reason for moving we understand all the little ins and outs of the process and we are the perfect people to have on hand, particularly when it comes to your precious piano!

As stated, our service includes same day order for the same day professional piano delivery service. Any destination in Canada and the US is possible for us to cater to. Trans Moving Toronto will help you with long-distance piano moving to any place in North America. Full piano insurance with no deductible will be included in any offered price.

Your valuable piano and your house are protected throughout the process of the piano move. When you move your piano with Trans Moving Toronto, the piano moving cost will be included and all additional services such as piano disassembling and the set up in your new place.

Googling: "piano movers near me"?

There’s only one company you need to consider, that’s us! Piano removals are what we do best, from start to finish, we have the experience, professionalism and customer focus to ensure your satisfaction with our service. All of our happy customers let us know that we’re doing something right and listening to all their concerns and individual requirements have helped us refine our service enormously.

We always wrap your piano with additional protection such as blankets when it is being moved. We are comfortable and experienced when it comes to taking pianos up or downstairs The removal of or the disposal of an old piano is a service we offer, a disposable fee is required.

A piano tuning service (after consultation with our piano tuning specialists) is available. Making sure your beloved instrument is ready to sound as good as possible is as important to us as it is to you. We have piano delivery covered. We live and breathe pianos.


Trans Moving Toronto, the piano moving cost will include all additional services:pi

 1. Piano disassembling and set up in a new place.

 2. Wrapping your piano with additional protection with moving blankets.

 3. Taken piano up or down by the stairs.

 4. Removal / disposing of old piano (disposal fee required).

Piano movers Toronto (GTA) is a phrase that many people search for, but the answer is always the same! Us! Still, have a question? Call our piano movers expert +1 (416) 520-3575 and get an absolutely FREE piano moving estimate. We will provide you with an estimate with all the fees for your move and any additional services you may require. Still wondering who will be your Toronto piano mover? Who could be the best company to help you with this important move? Well, consider this… We provide …

ONE MONTH FREE PIANO MOVING STORAGE!!! (Only for our customers).

If you are doing a renovation or are temporarily moving to a smaller size home, maybe, you will need to store your piano. We can provide a special place for your piano in our climate-controlled storage facility which of course includes 24-hour security as part of the service. Your piano is in safe hands.

Also, you can get our service in the following areas:

We also provide the following moving service:


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