How to choose a piano: a used instrument, what to look for.

The question of how to choose a piano is asked often enough. In this article, I will tell you what you need to know not to regret the purchase. A few tips will tell you how to choose a piano that will not be for your children cause reluctance to make music and will last a long time.


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Piano choose

Piano master

Like any other piano, the mechanism will wear out eventually. Due to improper maintenance, heavy use, or just from old age, the tool acquires defects both apparent and hidden. Hence the first advice — Make every effort to enlist the support and advice of the piano master. Ideally, of course, you need a person who not only knows how to choose a piano but also competently pays attention to its shortcomings of the seller. It will help to save money at the auction. In any case, a professional will help to avoid the risk of buying a tool that requires additional expensive repairs. As well as immediately assess the degree of possible repair and its cost.

Restoration workshop

The second option purchases much easier and a bit more expensive. You can buy a piano in a specialized organization engaged in the restoration and subsequent sale of used instruments. As a rule, there are several options in such workshops. This allows you to choose the tool to your taste.

How to choose a piano

If people who know how to choose a piano and specialized workshops are not nearby, when choosing a tool, pay attention to the following:


The tool is stored for a long time on the ground floor or in the private sector (in the cottage, in the country). It is not recommended to purchase if you plan to put it on the 3rd floor and above—the higher the floor, the lower the humidity percentage. After a short time, the piano may "dry out" and require repair.

External sign

Swelling or peeling veneer (even small) say either about the ingress of moisture, or that the piano is not properly stored, or it is a factory marriage, buy a piano with such defects, it's a lottery, you are lucky or not, can only say a specialist.

How to choose a cheaper piano?

It is complicated to find a tool with good performance that is very cheap. I do not advise, just as serious about ads "Give for pickup", as a rule, give when they can not sell. Therefore, be guided by the average prices in your region. Among them are usually the largest selection of proposals worthy of attention. And the most likely to find a good piano (given of course the previous advice)

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