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Storage Service with Easy Moving will allow you to quietly go about your business while all your belongings are in our secured warehouse with climate control and video surveillance.


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Storage service with Easy Moving.


Moving your stuff into storage is an art. However, when it comes to moving - you may often need to store your items in storage. That is why moving with a company with its warehouse is essential. When deciding to use the storage services, several questions arise in your head: how much do you need to think about packing things so that nothing happens to them in the storage? Our company applies specific requirements and methods to each cargo to ensure reliable packaging and careful storage. In addition, our team has extensive experience and knowledge regarding the storage of your items.


Storage service is beneficial for you.


Our company is one of the first companies in Toronto that offers self-storage services for up to 1 month free. So if you order a move with us, the storage service for up to 1 month automatically becomes free.

We help our satisfied customers move and store their belongings and are proud to be chosen!

A team of specialists will answer all your questions about storage, ensuring that the whole process from moving to storage becomes easy and comfortable for you.


How much do storage services cost in Toronto?


Up to one month - free of charge. Yes, yes, you didn't hear it. Using our company to move, you get free storage.

If you want to store things for longer than one month, you will have to pay for storage. The price depends on several factors, including the number of items, the shelf life, and whether special storage conditions are needed. Usually, prices in our company start from $99.00.

If you do not want to overpay for the storage of your belongings with other storage companies - use our free storage. We will deliver your things to our warehouse, store as much as you need, and then deliver the stuff to your new home.

It doesn't matter if you need small storage space for 10 boxes or a large hangar for an entire apartment - there is enough space for everyone in our storage in Toronto. We also offer the storage of your things for free or at the most affordable prices for businesses and individuals who are faced with the need to store items somewhere.

Our company is equipped with a large warehouse with a temperature regime, specific humidity and climate control. Video surveillance cameras also work 24/7 in our warehouse. So nothing will happen to your things.


Why should you choose our Warehouse?

Why should you choose our warehouse? Choosing us - you get a high-class team of professionals who treat each move as their own. We will be careful with your things. If you need storage for up to 1 month, you will get it free. It is not a problem if you need to store your stuff for more than 1 month. You can leave your things as long as you need. Our team will pick up your belongings from your home or office, carefully load them into a truck and deliver them directly to our warehouse. Then, when you have ordered, we will pack your things into the truck again and deliver them to your new home. By choosing a store with Easy Moving, you get high-quality service at the most attractive prices in one place.
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Advantages of our storage:

A large area
You can store an unlimited number of your belongings, as our warehouse has an impressive size.
Delivery to the warehouse
Using our company to move - we undertake the delivery of your belongings to our warehouse.
Climate control
The temperature regime is observed in our warehouse all year round. You don't have to worry about your things, as we have selected the optimal temperature.
Video surveillance cameras work 24/7 in our warehouse. Nothing can happen to your things. Cameras guard all your items!

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We pride ourselves in our reputation, teamwork and ability to overcome day-to-day challenges together.

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