Moving from Fargo, Bismarck, Grand Forks and other cities of North Dakota, USA to Toronto & GTA.

EASY MOVING has provided high-quality moving services from North Dakota, USA to Toronto since 2001. With more than 20 years of experience, we have proven to customers that we are the best international movers between Toronto and North Dakota.


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Why do people move from North Dakota to Toronto?


People may choose to move from North Dakota to Toronto for various compelling reasons. Firstly, job opportunities are a significant draw. Toronto's diverse and robust economy offers a wide range of career prospects across industries like finance, technology, healthcare, and more. Professionals from North Dakota often seek better job opportunities and higher earning potential in Toronto's thriving job market.

Secondly, Toronto is known for its world-class educational institutions, making it an attractive destination for students and families. Those from North Dakota looking for high-quality education, whether for themselves or their children, may choose to relocate to Toronto to access these educational opportunities.

Cultural diversity is another major factor. Toronto's multicultural atmosphere provides exposure to a wide range of international cultures, cuisines, and cultural events.

People from North Dakota seeking a cosmopolitan lifestyle and the chance to immerse themselves in different cultures often find Toronto's inclusive environment very appealing. However, individuals contemplating such a move should carefully consider factors like the cost of living and the adjustment to a new country.

We also provide services in the opposite direction: moving from Toronto to North Dakota


Pros and Cons of Moving from North Dakota



Low cost of living

Low crime rate

Beautiful scenery

Plenty of job opportunities


Frigid winters

Isolated location


Best Locations for Moving to Ontario


If you're planning to move to Toronto and the GTA, here are some potential locations to consider:

1. Toronto

This bustling Canadian city is the largest in the country and offers a wide variety of neighbourhoods and housing options. Toronto is known for its multiculturalism, arts and culture scene, and job opportunities.

2. Mississauga

Located just west of Toronto, Mississauga is a large suburb with a diverse population and easy access to transportation. The city is home to many businesses, including several large international corporations.

3. Brampton

Brampton is another large suburb located just northwest of Toronto. It is known for its cultural diversity and vibrant arts scene, as well as its many parks and green spaces.

4. Oakville

Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, Oakville is a picturesque town that offers a high quality of life. It has a vibrant downtown area, excellent schools, and easy access to transportation.

5. Markham

Markham is a diverse and rapidly growing city located just north of Toronto. It is known for its excellent schools, vibrant business community, and many parks and recreational facilities.

6. Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill is a suburban city located just north of Toronto. It is known for its excellent schools, safe neighbourhoods, and family-friendly community.


Reasons to Hire a Moving Company to Move from North Dakota, USA


We have the workforce and equipment to move your belongings quickly and safely
Our team has experience handling fragile and heavy items properly
They can pack your belongings securely to prevent damage.
We can provide insurance for your belongings during transit
Our employees can offer advice on how to pack and prepare for your move


How Much Does it Cost to Move from Fargo, ND to Toronto?


The cost of moving from Fargo, ND to Toronto, ON will vary depending on the size of your move, the distance of your move, and the services you need. However, on average, the cost of moving to Toronto will be around $2,000. This price includes hiring a moving company, packing supplies, and transportation costs. If you are moving, the cost of gas and mileage will need to be added to this estimate.


Why do Customers Choose EASY MOVING for Relocation from North Dakota?


Extensive Experience in Moving Services
Our company has been providing moving services since 2001. Over the years, we have moved more than 1,000 homes, apartments, and offices. With over 20 years of experience, we are recognized as one of the best movers in the industry.
Commitment to High-Quality Standards
We hold our movers and drivers to the highest quality standards, providing weekly training and testing. Our mission is to continually deliver high-quality relocation services and maintain our position as the top movers in the industry.
Transparent and Fair Pricing
We offer honest and upfront pricing with no unpleasant surprises or hidden fees. You can trust that you will know the exact cost of your move in advance, providing an accurate estimate for your future relocation.
Support at Every Stage of the Moving Process
Our managers are available to assist you throughout the entire moving process. You can contact us anytime by phone, WhatsApp messenger, or email, and we will respond to your questions and concerns promptly.
Comprehensive Moving Services in One Place
We provide a complete moving service, including packing, assembly, and disassembly. Our experienced specialists will bring all necessary packaging materials and carefully pack your belongings. With our packaging service, you can be confident that your items will arrive at your new location without damage.
Free Storage for up to One Month
We offer a secure, clean, and spacious warehouse for storage. If you need to store your belongings, we can transport them to our warehouse and keep them for up to one month at no additional cost. We can also deliver your items to your new location when you are ready.
Flexible Scheduling
We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your needs. You can choose a date and time that works best for you, and our movers will arrive on schedule to complete your move efficiently.
Efficient Service
We understand the value of your time, and we work quickly without compromising quality. Our team strives to complete the job as efficiently as possible, without unnecessary delays or dragging out the process.
All Types of Moving Services Available
Our team provides a wide range of moving services, from small apartments and offices to large corporate relocations over long distances. No matter your needs, we have the expertise to handle your move efficiently and professionally.


We are helping to move from other cities in North Dakota:


  • Fargo
  • Bismarck
  • Grand Forks
  • Minot
  • West Fargo
  • Williston
  • Dickinson
  • Mandan
  • Jamestown


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EASY MOVING has provided high-quality moving services from North Dakota, USA to Toronto since 2001. With more than 20 years of experience, we have proven to customers that we are the best international movers between Toronto and North Dakota.
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