10 tips for quick and easy moving in 2023

The crystal chandelier broke, the transport company let down, the movers were two hours late, the package of documents was lost — anything could happen when moving. For a responsible event to take place without haste, fuss and nerves, you need to think things well.


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Tips for moving

1. Preliminary revision.


If a thing has not been used for more than a year, it will most likely never be needed again.
Old clothes that no one has been wearing for a long time, broken mobiles, non-working electrical appliances, magazines from five years ago - should all this be transported to a new place of residence? It makes sense to conduct a thorough audit throughout the house: in the kitchen, living room, and children's bathroom - and get rid of the trash. This is also useful from a psychological point of view: when a person clears the space around him, he gets more energy, and new plans are born in his head.


2. List of items.


Now that only the necessary things have remained in the house, it is necessary to make a peculiar inventory to understand ​​how much will have to be transported clearly. It makes no sense to count the exact number of toothbrushes or tablespoons. There will be enough general categories: "cutlery", "hygiene supplies", "blankets and linens", "shoes", etc. Looking at this list, it is easy to navigate and determine how many boxes you need.


3. Choosing the right packaging.


All boxes should be strong, tight-fitting, and as suitable as possible in size. For small items, you can use a small box of shoes. Also useful bags, garbage and construction bags. If you have a sewing machine and suitable fabric, you can sew large bags of durable cotton fabric yourself.


4. Sort packing boxes.

Packing boxes

To not get confused in a container, you can sign it with bright markers or stick-coloured stickers. So it will be easier to navigate not only the owners of things but also the loaders. There are several markers to prepare at once - in total confusion, they are easily lost.


 5. Stock of packaging materials.


To boxes, boxes and bags are not opened, you need to stock up on wide and narrow tape, string, and air bubble film. It is very convenient to use masking tape: it is wide enough, is well attached and leaves no traces after removal. Fragile, breakable objects and small electrical appliances such as an electric kettle, a mixer, etc., are usually wrapped in bubble wrap.


6. Hardware packaging.


Furniture fittings should, if possible, be removed and packaged separately. Large furniture is better to disassemble as much as possible: unscrew the handles, remove the doors, and small shelves. If it is not possible to remove the doors, they should be fixed to not swing open during transportation. This leads to the deformation of the material, and the occurrence of chips and cracks. It is also necessary to ensure that all compartments of the cabinets are empty.


7. Honest carrier.


To transport large furniture and household appliances should contact the transport company. Modern technology has a complex device and requires careful handling. There are certain rules for proper transportation of a refrigerator, washing machine, and microwave.

Therefore, it is important to seek help from experienced loaders: they already have experience in properly loading and fixing equipment. It is important and experiences the driver and his style of driving. To prevent ambiguous situations, it is worth agreeing with a company in which the parties rights and obligations will be stated, and the service's final cost.


8. Emergency stock of things.


In unforeseen circumstances, it is worth preparing one small box where the most important things will be folded. This may be dishes, warm clothing for the season, chargers, toothbrush. If the main load is delayed on the way, all the most necessary will be at hand.


9. Documents - the most valuable cargo.

Moving boxes


Passport, driver's license, medical policy, insurance certificate - to restore them in case of loss, you need to spend a lot of free time defending in queues. Therefore, the documents need to be carefully packed in a small package that will not be loaded into a lorry but put in a personal bag or backpack.
On top, you can stick a red sticker that reminds you of the importance of the content. It is better to entrust the transportation of documents to the most responsible member of the family.


10. Early departure.


If there is a long road, it is necessary to plan the departure time, not peak hours. Congested tracks increase the likelihood of an accident. Even a minor accident takes several hours, and also, you can damage the cargo. It is convenient to leave before there is heavy traffic on the roads.

Many drivers prefer to go on the road at night when oncoming cars are much smaller. In this case, it is worth deciding whether it is convenient for all other family members or tired of daytime fees. Moving is a tedious task, and not everyone finds the strength to equip a new home and disassemble things immediately.

You can allow yourself a little rest, and then a box with an “emergency supply” of necessary things will come to the rescue, where essential items will be folded. The more energy was invested in the move's proper organization, the easier it would be to settle in a new place.

All the trash has already been thrown away, and in my head, there is a clear idea of ​​which boxes need to be disassembled first. And if life develops so that you will need to move again in the future, the process will be much easier due to the experience that already exists.