Moving office in 2023. How to do it properly?

EASY Moving Toronto offers its customers a wide range of transport services: freight transportation in Toronto and Canada, office relocation, assistance in changing residence, etc.


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Office movingOur experts can organize the transportation of furniture of any large or small office in the shortest possible time and for a small price. We guarantee the safety of transported goods, regardless of the degree of fragility and complexity of transportation. An extensive fleet of vehicles and the availability of special handling equipment allows transportation of any large and oversized cargo and equipment.

Transportation of furniture during an office relocation

Using the services of our company, you will receive the following benefits:

the new office will be equipped with everything you need as soon as possible. We undertake all problems with the office moving Toronto.

Competitive prices and a guarantee of the safety of transported goods. Our company will carry out equipment and furniture with the utmost care and properly equipped vehicles.
Experienced staff. The organization of the move by our specialists will be optimized to save your time and money.

Moving office

Our experience and modern equipment guarantee quality and trouble-free transportation of your goods to any specified point. Moving the office, regardless of its size, with our company and its specialists' help, will save you from all the related problems and be held as quickly as possible. Call us, and we are ready to offer you the best conditions and the lowest prices!

The cost of office relocation in Toronto and GTA

The cost of moving the office in Moscow and the region is calculated from 3 components: the truck's work, the cost of loading and unloading and packaging materials.
For some types of cargo and the nature of loading may require additional services.

Cost of loading and unloading operations

The cost of loading and unloading depends on the nature of the cargo, its weight and volume, and its distance from the place of loading of the truck. On average, for two professional movers, the cost of work falls within $109.00 per hour.

Cost of packaging materials:

The cost of packaging materials, if necessary, is negotiated separately and depends on the volume of cargo. To determine the exact cost of moving, we need information about the cargo's weight and volume, the exact addresses of loading and unloading. In the case of a non-operating Elevator for loading or unloading, the cost of loading and unloading may increase depending on the floor of loading and unloading.

You can calculate your move using our moving calculator