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Movers from Toronto to Vancouver. Movers from Vancouver to Toronto.

Moving from Toronto to Vancouver

Easy Moving Toronto is a moving company that will carry out your future move from Toronto to Vancouver without risks and stresses. Many years of experience travelling on the Toronto - Vancouver route make our team one of the best movers in this direction.

It is very important to cooperate with a reliable moving company to get a really easy move.

Our movers will provide you with a full range of moving services. We will take care of all your valuables and fragile items. The full packaging service includes careful wrapping of all your belongings.

Regardless of the purpose of your move: study, work or other reason, we will deliver your belongings from Toronto to Vancouver quickly, inexpensively and safely.

Using our company, you will not waste your time worrying about moving and will be able to plan in more detail other aspects of life in a new place.

We have helped hundreds of families and students move from Toronto to Vancouver - we will help you too! We have been working for more than 10 years, and since 2005 we have started to develop this direction. For many years of experience, we have developed an optimized route, using which we can deliver your things in less than a week. Still thinking? Call us today and get a free estimate of your move!


Since moving over long distances is associated with a high risk of damage, all our trucks undergo weekly maintenance and are cleaned with special tools. Every time we come to you, we customize a clean and fully functional truck.


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Moving from Vancouver to Toronto

Most often, people tend to move from Vancouver to Toronto. As a rule, this is due to a more developed infrastructure, a milder climate, and generally a higher standard of living.

Our truck goes on a trip from Toronto, gets to Vancouver and goes back. We make a flight once a week. Therefore, if you need to move from Vancouver to Toronto, our team will be happy to help you in this difficult task.

Before you start moving, we collect all your items in boxes and sign them. You will never lose your things - you can be sure. A team of professional packers will carefully pack all items.

We will wrap all your fragile items in special heat-shrink blankets to ensure no damage during the move.

Using Easy Moving long-distance movers, you get the most affordable prices and the highest quality.

Why do people choose our company?

With us, you will have the easiest and most peaceful transfer. We will make your move by, high-quality and calm.

A special set of tools helps us move your oversized items without fear of damaging them. All our drivers undergo a daily medical check-up before getting behind the wheel.

Our movers are certified annually for their knowledge of the standards and requirements of the transport industry.

Why is Easy Moving your best choice for long-distance moving?

Our best movers have been moving from Vancouver to Toronto for more than 15 years.

We have worked out stacked routes in all directions from Vancouver, which reduces your moving time and cost.

We give the most favourable prices for moving services because we do not have intermediaries.

We independently cross borders by filling out the relevant documents, which gives us advantages over other companies in pricing.

How much does it cost to move from Toronto to Vancouver and from Vancouver to Toronto?

First, the total number of things you are going to move.

The number of items plays a huge role when evaluating your future move. After all, transporting a couple of boxes is one price, but when it comes to moving an entire house, there is a completely different price.

Our team has prepared a special moving cost calculator for you, using which you will get an estimate of your move even before our arrival!

Just specify all the items you will move, and we will send you the most accurate estimate.

Based on various estimates of moving companies, moving from Toronto to Vancouver in 2022 for a 1-room apartment will be approximately $3500.00 - $5000.00CAD

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